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All material protected by copyright is protected both in part or in full, except where extracts are used under ''reasonable use'' provisions.
Copyright to all material on this website belongs exclusively to Fairfield Writers Group Qld excepting where page content, an article or document specifically aknowledges an author or publisher, in which case all rights reside with that author and/or publisher.

FW respects the legal rights of authors, publishers and artists and uses material on this site strictly in accordance with copyright law.  In the event that any party believes the publication by FW of any specific material - whether on this website or elsewhere - or the use of material by FW, infringes any rights or legal entitlements under copyright law, persons becoming aware of such infringement should provide information to FW by contacting persons listed on the Contacts page of this website, providing adequate detail to identify the material, its legal owner, and the manner in which rights have been infringed.
FW undertakes to, at the earliest possible opportunity, remove or modify any material the publication of which infringes copyright in any way and to apologize publicly to the party, acknowledging their rights therein. Nothing stated herein shall entitle any person to financial compensation except by an order of a court. Owners of copyright acknowledge that their sole remedy for any claimed loss shall be the discontinuation of any activity that compromises copyright and the publishing of an apology, and acceptance of an apology shall constitute waiver of all other claims.

2.1   All rights of publication and distribution reside exclusively with the copyright owner. Except in accordance with Clause 2.2, no party may copy, use, publish or distribute any material published on this web site without the express written consent of the copyright owner.
2.2  Any material published specifically for the use of members or stated to be made available for public consumption may be used strictly in accordance with the terms of provision thereof. Where such terms are not stated, obvious or clearly apparent, any person wishing to use, publish or distribute material shall be required to obtain the consent of the copyright owner. Initial inquiries requesting consent to use may be directed to the webmaster, project manager or secretary, whose contact details are listed on our Contacts page.
3.1  Writing submitted or distributed, via this website or by other means, for critique or review shall remain the sole and exclusive property of the author and may not be used for any purpose other than to offer the requested critique or review in accordance with FW's critiquing guidelines.  The offering of a critique or review shall not entitle the critic or reviewer to claim any rights whatsoever in the piece, except by prior agreement with the author.

3.2  All rights in any review written shall remain with the author of that review, but such rights shall not compromise the rights of the author to the concept, characters, and storyline of the material reviewed.
3.3  Any FW member writing a review of a contributed writing piece grants to FW, by virtue of submission  FW a right of publication of the review on its website. Such rights shall apply from the time of submission but otherwise until rights are formally withdrawn, but regardless of withdrawal date, for no less than ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY (120) DAYS, 
3.4 All critiquing and reviewing work performed by members in relation to the Anthology is performed voluntarily. Except as otherwise from time to time agreed, payment to members shall be restricted to reimbursement of pre-approved expenses actually incurred.
Submissions of material for publication by FW, whether on this website or elsewhere, shall entitlle FW to claim ownership of copyright in the completed (published) work only, and copyright in the individual piece shall be jointly owned by the author and FW.
Copyright in member works featured on this website from time to time shall remain with the author. FW publishes such works by consent, and on the terms and conditions agreed with the author. Such works remain protected by international copyright aginst any copying, use, publication or distribution by visitors to this site.
All articles and tutorials, courseware, templates, etc. remain the property of the author/creator, excepting where works are specifically created for FW and rights are assigned to FW.

Exercises and assignments (EXCLUDING reference articles attached) become the exclusive property of FW immediately upon submission.  All rights therein reside with FW. 
By submission of reference articles attached to assignments and exercises, while they remain the property of the author or publisher, shall automatically grant FW the right of publication and use of the subject material. Where only a link to articles or reference material is supplied, all rights reside with the author or publisher of the linked material. 

All rights in images and photographs published on this website reside with FW excepting where an artist, photographer or publisher specifically claims rights therein, in which case all rights shall reside with the artist, publisher or photographer and FWG shall be entitled to claim publication rights from the date of submission to FWG until consent to use is formally withdrawn. 

8.1. Excepting by specific prior written agreement, no royalties or fees are payable by Fairfield Writers or any other person or entity to any contributor to an FW publishing project or for any material published on this website.

8.2  Any royalties, fees or other prizes payable or receivable for publication, republication or distribution of any FW published work, howsoever published or distributed, and any competition prize awarded for any FW publication, benefits shall belong to Fairfield Writers and the group shall be entitled to determine use/distribution of such benefits, PROVIDED THAT where benefits are to be distributed between members, such benefits shall be shared equally by the participating authors, and in the event that a participating author is no longer contactable, their share shall become the property of Fairfield Writers.

8.3  Any profits from sale or distribution of any FW publication may be shared among members in accordance with policies determined from time to time by the group, or retained to fund future projects that the group may, from time to time, decide to undertake.

9. FW Publication Rights

9.1. Fairfield Writers shall have first publication rights in any work submitted to the group specifically for publication by the group or for which consent is given by the author for use in an FW publication. The author, in submitting or agreeing to publication, confirms that the work submitted is the author's own original work and has not have been previously published in any manner whatsoever, nor submitted to any contest or for publication in any other manner prior to publication by FW,


If the work has been previously submitted or published, the author has legal rights in the work and has the legal authority to assign certain clearly stated rights to FW.

9.2. Authors acknowledge that their first loyalty in relation to stories published in by FW is to the group, and use of works shall be limited to usage that does not negatively impact on marketing opportunities for the group.

9.3. Any author submitting a story to a competition or for publication, distribution or copying following publication by FW agrees to inform the group of their intentions prior to submission, invite feedback, and respect the wishes and desires of the group when making final decisions.

9.4. Where appropriate or requested, and particularly if entering a story in a competition, authors shall acknowledge any significant contribution by mentor(s), but such acknowledgement shall non constitute a grant of rights to named mentors.
9.5. Members agree that individual stories submitted for publication by FW shall not be published on Internet blog sites, forums, or contributor or club/group sites or otherwise on the Internet except on approved commercial publishing terms and with FWG's consent.


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